When people wanted a drink at night, we gave them what their palate most desired.

The brand had very low penetration in the market and was stagnant for many years. By focusing on a unique selling benefit for the brand, we knew we could fulfil the desire of people looking for a drink. By conducting several field studies we realised no one ordered Havana Club or even any rum for that matter, what people ordered were cocktails. We did a palate study to understand what flavors most attracted customers. We found that while the most popular offer was sweet or sour drinks, people actually preferred citric flavored cocktails. We created new cocktails and let everyone know through a bartender tour, digital, press, advertising, events and activations. Within 6 months, market share had skyrocketed. The cocktails we brought from Brazil and Cuba became so popular we needed to create even more citric cocktails. Today our citric cocktails are still some of the most popular cocktails in the market.

Point Of View: NYLON.
Creative Input: NYLON.
Creative Output: NYLON.
Market Share Impact: + 350% increase in 6 months
Sales Impact: over 100% higher
Profit Per Unit Impact: +€2.40 per bottle

I believed in Nylon the moment they said, ``We only grow if we make Havana Club grow.`` I didn't expect to what lengths they would go to make sure Havana Club had the best possible chance of growing. They are not the typical agency, they understand the creative work impresses the marketing department and the customers but at the end of the day the results are what impresses the CEO. They delivered both in a very impressive manner.

Goncalo Jorge Havana Club Marketing Director