When people want to make a statement, we allow them to say “I am a self-made man” without saying a word.

The brand had ventured into many sponsorship programs and confused their clients as to who is a Hugo Boss man or woman. By focusing on transmitting the values for the brand, we knew we create a “tribe”, Hugo Boss could become a cultural symbol of who they are. This required a very clear association with all touch points including sponsorships. Together we showed how Hugo Boss is for the self-made man through digital, advertising, events, sponsorships, new red stores and activations. Within 2 years, the sales and average purchase in same store locations surged and continued to do so for many years to come.

Point Of View:: NYLON.
Creative Input:: NYLON.
Creative Output:: NYLON.
Same Store Sales: +38% Increase on average
New Store Openings: +335 new stores
Sales Impact: +108% increase in sales

Nylon helped us define a clear message that people really responded to through multiple executions. The company has seen surging profits and gaining sales ever since.

Jean de Jaeger CEO - Marzotto S.p.A. (Holding group of Hugo Boss)