When people say they don’t need security, we show them that their loved ones depend on it.

MetLife was already the leader in the US market but they wanted to grow faster than industry average of 2%. This was challenging because we needed to find clients that were not looking for insurance.  These potential clients’ biggest issue was insurance was very intangible. We knew the target would do anything to protect their children and if we could have it in baby stores or next to baby food, we could increase the brand sentiment. Together we stopped selling them insurance and started showing how the brand can help them protect their children. We accomplished this through every touch point possible that parents would see while in parent mode. Through digital, press, advertising, product placement and partnerships. Within the first year, sales were growing three times higher then its closest competitor.

Point Of View: NYLON.
Creative Input: NYLON.
Creative Output: NYLON.
Market Share Impact: +20% Increase
Sales Impact: +300% above average

During the workshops Nylon did with our team, I knew we were onto something magical. It wasn't anything I haven't heard over my 30 years in the business but it was simplified in such a way that it felt new and enlightening to everyone in the room. It became clear how all the marketing strategies were connected and how this campaign would work. There is a secret sauce at Nylon and I can't get enough.

Beryl Wolk Marketing Director - MetLife