When people worry that the economic downturn will ruin their fun, we show them all they need are friends.

The brand had lost market share for several years and needed to increase market share once again. By focusing on a purpose for the brand, we knew we could increase the brand sentiment, the love people have for the brand. Together we stopped talking about the product and started showing how the brand is helping to amplify friendships through digital, press, advertising, events and activations. Within 12 months, market share had the largest jump in years and people loved the brand more today then they did before.

Market Share Impact: +11% increase in 1 year
Profit Per Unit Impact: +€0.02 per liter increase
Sales Impact: new 7 year high
Brand Sentiment: +13% increase
Net Promoter Score: +42% increase
Traditional KPIs: 2M impressions from UGC
Traditional KPIs: +56% increase in organic fan growth

I still remember many meetings that were both tough but fun which resulted in very rewarding outcomes. I also truly believe that Nylon is able to reshape client’s inputs, optimising brand plans and often lead to Win Win situations!

Bruno Rio Brand Manager - Super Bock