Stop looking for attention, Start being interesting.
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You need to stop trying to get more attention, start creating an impact.

Stop worrying about brand recall, start gaining brand trust.

Stop concentrating on advertising ideas,  start concentrating on ideas worth advertising.

Stop using focus groups to judge campaigns, start using feedback to judge your brand.

Stop making your product the celebrity, start making your customers the celebrity.

Stop measuring reach, start measuring commercial results.

Stop trying to be cool, start being relevant.

 Stop mass media, start focused media.

You know what you need to stop.

Nylon can help you start.

Nylon has a unique way of looking at marketing but it absolutely works. Our brand went from 6% market share to 19% in the exact amount of time they said it would. They clearly understand what it takes to make an impact.
Goncalo Jorge
Havana Club, Brand Manager
They assisted in reversing a 7 years negative trend for Coors Light. I believe them to be the best in the industry. They have the ability to be very nimble and change direction if necessary to deliver desired outcomes.
David Szydlik
MillerCoors, Director of Sales
After years of resorting to promotions to attracting customers, our same store sales were down for four years. The integrated advertising campaign they created not only turned things around but also increase the average purchase.
Beryl Wolk
Hugo Boss, Marketing Manager
I have been in the advertising business for many years and have never met an agency that is so result oriented while still being creative. The results were not earned media, brand recall or any of the typical promises, it was sales!
Mark Silva
Sony Pictures, Director of Marketing