As a discipline, agencies and marketers haven’t always done the best job pointing out how what they do tangibly impacts the bottom line or creates a long lasting effect after the media budget is over. It is like going to a magician to cure your headaches. Magicians are experts at making things disappear and at times your headache might disappear coincidentally. Our industry has used this same type of rational as proof of success. Thankfully those days are ending.

A lasting effect on people and impact on brand financials are created by using the same technique used by religions, sects, cliques, clans, sports fans, friends and all types of groups of people with a common belief. They don’t use just one message,  no one message has ever permanently changed a person’s behaviour. Even screaming “FIRE!” has a short-lived result.

Many call us one of the most awarded creative agencies but we hate that description. We are behavioural specialists with a creative edge. We make your brand significant in the lives of the consumer through our Point Of View process.  People all throughout history follow others that have a point of view they believe in. This is not accomplished by a single campaign, a single print or single video. It is accomplished through the thousands of interactions customers have with your brand.

What is a Point of View, a P.O.V.? It is Purpose, Originality, and Values. Those 3 types of messages have generated a much stronger impact on brand’s financial results than traditional methods. It has increased the love people have for the brand and every client that has used our process has impacted their marketing results by at least three times above traditional efforts.