We all have an inherent need of something to do, someone to love and something to hope for. This objective triad affects our decisions by activating dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin: the cocktail of happiness. With this deep understanding, we pioneered a future of how brands, business, and people connect.

Global chairmen of creative networks have called it genius and top global CMOs have even featured our process in books.

We created the brand Point Of View (Purpose, Ownership & Vision) and linked marketing efforts to human needs and business needs (increased market share, sales or profit).

Our findings led to the campaign of the century. Dove soap gave people something to do (moisturize while you shower), a reason to love them (by lifting pride in women with negative self-image) and something to hope for (fighting to stop photo manipulation in the fashion world). What followed was an increase in sales of $2B to $4B and a cultural shift in positive body image. A Win for the brand – A Win for society!

People don’t know how to support a “USP”, “Core Creative Idea” or a “Brand Crucial Experience” but a Point Of View is easy to repeat & support. Take a look at the results for yourself.

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