It’s pointless to do what everyone else does. Simply because it increases your chance of getting ignored instead of getting noticed. Strangely though, many favor this ineffectiveness.

We created the most uncreative website in the world, to show it takes more than just creativity to stand out. The creative output can make it special but your point of view is what makes you meaningful. When you add meaningful + special you become significant and that is always our objective, making your brand significant.

That is why the title of our founder‘s book with contributions from the worlds top CMOs and global brand managers from Nike, Budweiser and Starbucks, will be called Become Significant as is his TED talk.

The competitive advantage of marketing and advertising lies in communicating what your competition doesn’t communicate, can’t communicate, or doesn’t dare to communicate while still making people give a s**t about what you are saying.

Our website shows how we think and what the results of our campaigns have been. This way you give more attention to why we are different.

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